15th and Utica...

This is the outside of my bank in Tulsa. I love my bank. They tolerate me. It works.

I wanted to show you what it looks like from the inside, but for some reason they don’t want you taking pictures inside their bank. Fascists. Not really, they’re actually quite nice for a bank. Not that I’d know any different, I’ve only been banking here since 1995. That is the year I turned 18. It was an interesting year.

Anywho, this bank is my particular favorite branch and only because of this beautiful etched glasswork. I was hoping to impress you with my mad point and shoot photo skills but alas……all I’m showing you is a perfectly normal middle of winter shot of a building that has lots of glare and bad lighting. What I wanted to show you is how it looks from the inside, with blue skies backlighting all this interesting glasswork.

It’s a thing of magic from the inside. A lovely grove of trees with a creek running through the middle, and a large bird (a heron….I think…..cause this girl ain’t no John James Audubon). There is a colorful bank of decorative trees and a rocky pool just below the window. It always catches my eye as I turn in for the drive through deposit. I hardly ever go inside. I went inside yesterday just to get the best shot.

I asked for permission to take a photo inside, they declined. That’s what I get for asking permission. For future reference, just do it. Deal with the consequence later, that is the way to live life. That way, you get your shot. Then, when they tell you “Sorry, but no!” at least you already have your shot! You can apologize, quickly walk away, and know you got one over on “The Man”. I’m all about getting one over on “The Man”, within reason of course. I pay my taxes! So don’t eyeball me boy!!!

You can find this pretty spot at 15th and Utica. While you’re down that way, head west on 15th street and stop at Kilkenny's Irish Pub & Eatery. It’s my new fave place to grab a bite and a Stella. I highly recommend The Breakfast Boxty. For future reference, I love breakfast food. Morning, Day, or Night. All brekkie, all day all the time. Tell them Brooklyn sent ya….or not, cause really, they don’t know me. So they’d probably ask you to leave. But you should stay, and eat and drink and drink and drink………


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