To Tulsa and Back...

To Tulsa and Back….is my personal tribute to all things diverse and intriguing that make me proud to call Oklahoma my home. The title of the blog is in reference to the J.J. Cale song of the same name. J.J. is an Oklahoma brother and one of the major influences of what’s known as the Tulsa sound. That’s what we’re all about around here, the sounds, sights, tastes and whatnot that make Oklahoma special.

I’ll be showing you where I find my favorite edibles. I want to introduce you to the folks that call this place home, by birth or by fate. Travel is a huge part of who I am, and I’ll be taking you into the corners and crags of some places you’ve never been before and possibly might never want to go to again, cause it’s all about diversity around these parts.

A little bit about me you might want to know and then promptly forget. I was born in Oklahoma City but grew up in south Tulsa. A little farming community named Bixby was the place I called home for the first 19 years of my life. Back then it was dirt roads and fresh produce, nowadays it’s growing like nobodies business. I lived in Durango, CO for a few years while going to school and moved back in 2001, living for 7 years in Oklahoma City. Two years ago I came back to Tulsa and have found I really like this city and what it has to offer. My mind is always racing off in a thousand different directions, usually telling me I need to relocate and see the big cities of my dreams. In reality the changes I’m looking for aren’t in location but are in attitude. I’m hoping this blog encourages me to become a more integral part of my community…whether they want me or not.

This is a new and big endeavor for me. I am, by nature…. a procrastinator, lazy, inappropriate at times, silly, hopeful, highly and sometimes erratically emotional, forgiving, plain and simple, tall, loud, shy, abnormal, and the useless information I know could fill a barn. This is just a start. I hope we get to know each other in a deep and profound, or maybe not. Some of you might be too strange even for me!

So...Welcome! To Tulsa and Back...


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