Pitchers or Steins?!

That's the question this season?

It's time to chicken dance, time to... dare I say it...dash your wiener and roll your barrel. Tulsa Oktoberfest is in full bloom! A Tulsa tradition since 1979, and now known as a premier festival in our region. 

I was there the first year, a wee babe barely off the breast and I've been nearly every year since. The Mommalish has said that back then they encouraged you to drink a beer to encourage breast milk production.  This explains quite a bit about me. And my... how things have changed. 

The festival and myself have grown up rather nicely. I've worked the festival, for one of the best Germans on the planet. A dear man who made me love restaurants and food. Two things that have been my safety and salvation in this crazy world. My talented brother has designed the tshirts sold at Oktoberfest for well over ten years. I'm 
really proud to claim him as mine in this world. He's a prime human. 

But, it wouldn't be Oklahoma or a festival in Oklahoma without a little controversy. To stein or not to stein?
I'm not political enough to reasonably argue my opinions, but Oklahoma alcohol laws are rubbish. And rather outdated. I'm sure the choice to move from pitchers of beer to steins is reasonable, and to be honest is not such a hot button issue for me. The same can't be said for a lot of folks in town. I'd rather talk about parking. But, I don't want to raise my blood pressure. Let's just say the Tulsa State Fair turned me off of festival parking for awhile. From here on out I will always recommend the shuttle services provided during our larger festivals. 

All in all the Tulsa Oktoberfest is something we can all be proud of. I enjoy the crush and energy of a Friday or Saturday in the Bier Garten. But my favorite time to go is Sunday morning of the last day, when I was little they used to have a morning church service. It seemed such a fine line between Saturday night and Sunday morning. 
It still is. 

Oh, by the way, they have food. And beer. And entertainment. Just go and get some on ya!




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